When you want to save your business money, think first about energy efficiency. If all costs of a business were to rise (materials, utilities, rent), the only one you can actually LOWER is the cost of utilities. So energy savings from a business standpoint makes sense….and its simple!

Energy efficiency projects for a business will not only help to improve your bottom line, but may actually increase productivity as well. How you ask?

Lighting upgrades, for example, can not only lower the cost of the electric bill but provide a bright work environment for the employees. Reducing drafts can cut the oil/gas bill and allow for better comfort for those near windows and doors. Better insulation can cut down on costly roof repairs from ice dams/leaks and that money can be put towards tools and machines to help speed up production.

Building owners can see an increase in revenue as well. Upgrades to help lower utility bills can attract more tenants who have to pay for those utilities separate from their rent. The value of the building will increase too. So when the time comes to put it on the market, the value will have already increased.

Energy Service Technologies designs improvements for business owners with a few things in mind. Increase the value of the building, improve efficiency of the ‘bottom line’ and most importantly do not disrupt the flow of business. All of this, while still keeping the energy savings SIMPLE!

Services Include –

Services Include –

Lighting Retrofit

  • Interior
  • Exterior/Parking Lots

  • Separate or Combination Units
  • Duct Sealing/Insulating

Water Conservation
  • Low Flow Fixtures


Building Envelope
  • Windows/Doors
  • Air Flow Reduction
  • Ventilators